02 December 2011

About the little yellow one

  1. What is your pet’s name?
  2. What breed is it?
  3. How long have you had your pet?
  4. How did you get your pet?
  5. How old is your pet?
  6. What are some corky things about your pet’s personality?
  7. What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?
  8. What are your favorite past times with your pet?
  9. What is your pet’s favorite food?
  10. What are nicknames that you call your pet?

  1. Minino.
  2. He has no breed.
  3. I've had him since last December, he's about to be 2 years with me! Yay!
  4. My mom found it near her office, so she took him in, and he was supposed to be the "company's pet". Her boss decided to call him Minino; honestly it's not the name I would've chosen for a cat. Anyways, so after a month of being there she told me that he would be staying with us during the winter vacations, obviously I knew since the beginning that he would never go back. And it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. He's a blessing for me!
  5. 2 years old in October.
  6. Well this is the best part; I've had cats through all my life, so believe me I know what I'm talking about. First of all, he licks (kisses) us very often, in our hands or our cheeks, you can tell it's his way of showing us how much he loves us. Since he sleeps with us every night, at exactly 5 am he would meow until someone lets him free so he can get to his food, because exactly at this time every night he gets hungry. If he gets no response, he would knock out our cell phones from the night stand table. He usually doesn't meow very much he mostly emits a guttural sound, weird huh, but very peculiar. Whenever our bedroom door is closed and he wants to get it he would make this sound. He also knows how to open doors; he jumps and hangs from the handle until it gets open. Clever, I know. He's truly special.
  7. The world! I love soooo much!
  8. Sleep in, play with a rope or ribbon, or chase each other.
  9. Besides cat food and water of course, chicken! But he wouldn't mind popcorn, corn and even avocado to name a few, I know he surprises me all the time.
  10. Rirkar, it comes from the sound he makes, it's like he goes kir kir kir. Amarillito (little yellow) and Mini.

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