14 March 2012

Doughnut craving

Krispy Kreme opened its doors a couple of months ago, so I waited for the fuss to calm down and decided to pay a visit. My favorite is the brownie doughnut, I enjoyed it with a cup of Oaxaca chocolate. It was awesome for this past cold days. Crazy weather here, makes me crave spring even more!

12 March 2012

2nd Anniversary

Last weekend was the second anniversary of my blog, I was very excited so my sister and I went on a picnic to celebrate. We had some snacks and a delicious mini chocolate cake. We sure had a great time! Even though sometimes I don't manage to find some time to squeeze a post, it makes me happy to have a place where I reunite my favorite stuff about food, hair, makeup, nails, fashion and my everyday lifestyle. Thank you for being there, I hope you like the new layout.

21 February 2012

My plans for Valentine's Day

Definitely one of my favorite holidays of the year, love everything that has to do with it. This time my friends and I got together for dinner, we had Italian. Every year during this time of the year, no matter what I go out to dinner and drinks with my sister, I cherish this tradition.

On another note, as you can see I got bangs, all by myself for the first time. It was good for a change, even though I haven't get used to it. I also asked for an ombre, not sure my colorist got the idea I had in mind.

08 February 2012

Super Bowl cupcakes

This past Sunday we had a BBQ at a friend's house to watch the Super Bowl and I decided to bake something for the occasion. Since I didn't have that much time left, I just baked some vanilla cupcakes, frosted them with white icing and immediately sprinkled some green sugar. While they were in the oven, I printed some American football balls, cut them and attach them to toothpicks. Quickly inserted them into the cupcakes as I was almost rushing through the door. Something quick and nice for the game.

Plaid red

The couple of past weekends my sister and I have been shopping and getting ready for summer. Especially since I have a couple of trips planned to the beach already and two weddings in May. I am pretty excited for  the upcoming trends and everything looks lovely in my mental mood board in regards to makeup, hair and nails as well. On another note, my sister got me this lipstick (MAC Red) for Christmas and so far it's the best red I've ever tried!