08 November 2011

Birthday shots

The last week of October was very significant for me. I starting decorating my house at the beginning of the month all over with Halloween details, I enjoy it so much since it's the same day as my birthday. This little witch as well as a hanging rubber skeleton (not pictured) have been for years in our family, they're very special for me; remind me so much of my childhood. This year my family decided to throw me a surprise party, got me really excited, grateful and happy, loved the cake delicious and pretty! I know 28 are only two away from 30, but my life so far has been quite interesting, so I don't really mind. Since I'm always rushing, this year's costume was no exception so I got my hands on this Black Swan costume and decided to go up one level with the makeup adding some glitter and rhinestones to make it more my style. I really had a blast on the club that day, the only down fall was somebody accidentally burned part of my tutu. On the 31st between giving candy to the little trick-or-treaters and having dinner with some of my closest friends I ended up my 28th birthday pretty well, really felt very blessed.

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