24 October 2011

Glitzy noir lips

Sometimes it's my shoes, sometimes my clothes, sometimes my nails, sometimes my purse, sometimes my makeup and in my makeup sometimes it's my eyes, sometimes my cheeks but this time are going to be my lips shining with the lights of the dance floor. I love this kind of lips because most likely I'm going to be the only one in the whole club with glitter on their lips. Let alone black lips. Of course here it's not common to see people with this kind of stuff in a non gothic kind of way. Anyways this is so easy to replicate, let me explain. Lips are lined with black liner. Filled in with black lipstick.
Any color glitter would be fine. I used pink and a bit of silver hologramic.
Glitter is patted on to the lips, combinations can be made.
Gloss can be applied, I personally think they shine a ton more without it, again it's up to you.

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