10 March 2010

Violets, petals and stems

Hello! For this entry I was inspired in violets, so for the part that would resemble the stem I used a sheer green shadow on the eyelid, this time I didn't used any cream e/s because I wanted a soft look. In the crease I used a soft purple which I blended with the blending brush towards the brow bone where I applied a shimmery pearl color.
I took a brighter purple eye shadow and applied it in the crease in order to give it a little bit more depth.
Now with a dark plum colored eye shadow I did a V shape in the outer corner of the eyes and then blended it a bit towards the inside.
I lined my eyes with a thick pencil eyeliner, curled my lashes as always and did two coats of mascara. I'm probably doing a review for the mascara that I've been using for years which I swear by.
Finally some soft pink blush, lined my lips in a soft pink and put on some pinkish lipstick.
Hope you like it!

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