18 March 2010

Cool Tones

Bonjour! Well since I know some french I'll sometimes be throwing some words or phrases in french and of course in spanish, but don't worry with the meaning in parenthesis for you. So for this look I wanted to use this combination of greens with some blue. I thought for St. Patrick's Day so why not? The thing is since it's not a holiday which we celebrate in Mexico I might as well not make a fuzz of it but still mention it. Next time I'll probably be including something totally green for nails and makeup but sorry not this year. I even wasn't that aware that I discover I accidentally wore green yesterday in my underwear... WTF? Anyways so for the tutorial, I started with a sheer cream eyeshadow in a yellowish/golden tone. Then on the inner corners of the eyes I applied some lemon green e/s.
I now blended in another tone of green toward the outer corners of the eyes.
Now on the crease I did some navy blue.
A little bit of a pigment also in blue to blur into the crease.
With that same pigment I lined my lower lashes.
On the brow bone I applied a cream on a stick e/s in a pearl shade.
Some light white sheer e/s on top of the cream.
I lined my upper and lower lashes with a blue pencil liner and applied black mascara.
To finalize some pink blush and pinkish nude lipstick.

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