09 March 2010

Not so summery nails

Since I'm so ready to welcome the summer I decided to go for something summery but that still goes well with this weather. At first this design might look a bit complicated but it's not, specially with the help of the nail art pens, and besides it doesn't has to be that perfect since the combination of all the stripes makes it easy to disguise any mistake. BTW I forgot to show in the pictures that I used a thin brush for the yellow stripes. So if you don't have any pens don't worry you can use a brush instead, I once did this design without the pens and it was quite easy as well. Remember always to start off with a base coat to prevent your nails from getting stained, specially when wearing dark colors. This are the products I used:
I started by fillin one quarter of the nail with the yellow polish this way:
I filled another quarter of the nail with the white nail polish the same as the yellow. It's like a curved triangle.
I did two yellow waves with the thin brush.
I drew a thin line in the tips with the Stripe Rite as in a french manicure.
I did just one black wave.
Three small lines with the black nail art pen.
I put on a few black dots.
Then three small white lines beside the black ones with the white nail art pen and some dots.
Remember the top coat to finalize.
This is the final look. What do you think? Hope you like it.


  1. I love your tutorial pics! I can't wait till your blog reaches 3 months so you can sport your Polish Bloggers Network badge. :)

  2. Very cool!! I love the yellow and black together.