15 August 2011

Taking advantage of the night

After a lot that was going on these days including finals, I managed to attend my cousin's engagement party, go out clubbing with my friends (which ended in a late taco session btw) and organizing an express engagement party for my friends (pictures coming soon). I love packed weekends with a lot to do even though resting is not on the to do list. I'm finally free of school for the next whole month and a trip to the beach is coming up as well (one of the best things I have to expect in each year). On this occasion I got to combine both of my obsessions sequins and glitter, with gold being the center of attention color. In my makeup I decided to add depth with purple in the crease while covering my whole lid with golden glitter and tone it down with nude matte lips, my nails on the other side were purple with a golden gradient on the tips. I hope you noticed I went blonder, my hairstylist redo my highlights so I told her I wanted to go lighter for this summer. What do you think?

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