17 October 2011

Mr. Fly

As much as I don't like rainy days, the whole idea of feeling better was enough to get me going out for a walk. I was actually in the mood to go to the movies while it was pouring rain outside but since it was packed, it was no longer in our plans. Instead my sister and I decided to stroll in the mall and have some snacks. Due to me still feeling a little weird because of the recent flu and the weather that wasn't helping a lot, I chose 3 key points to stand out. Glossy wine lips, a leopard clutch and my favorite rhinestone fly brooch. I did a low side chignon, nothing fancy. And kept my eyes on the silvery side with smokey tails on the outside. A bit masculine for myself I must admit but that is actually one reason I like fashion so much, most of the times it's a reflection of our souls.

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