07 May 2010

Ribbons on my hands

Hello there! First of all I'm very sorry for this abandonment but when it was not one thing it was another, sorry guys. I hope this new tetramester in school leaves me time for all the stuff I'm planning to do, including squeezing in community service, either a part time job or my internship, and most important I really really need to work out, it scares me out how the pool parties and stuff are just around the corner. I already have my schedule and it makes me happy that I will be up to 10 pm just for two days a week yeeeei. So this entry it's going to be about nails, a design I came up with since I wanted something pink but not so girlie. So this is great because it even looks cute in a certain kind of way.

So this is everything I used, simple right?

After my base coat, I started with a coat of baby pink. Then I did like a french manicure with magenta but a bit thicker.
I outlined the french with the black pen.
And finally I added a small bow over the line. VoilĂ ! (here it is!) Final step is top coat.

1 comment:

  1. I like it! What a great manicure design. Very cute and creative!