24 May 2010

Brown by midnight

Hello there! I know I haven't post a tutorial for going out or clubbing or so which I love by the way, so here's my first. The thing is that sometimes, well most of the times I'm in a hurry so I really really don't have time to take all the pictures before I go since it takes me so long to get ready. So anyways, I started by smudging some black eyeliner all over the eyelid. Then I applied some dark copper eyeshadow over the gel.
A bit of dark eyeshadow in the crease for depth and some shimmery white under the brow bone.
I used the same coppery eyeshadow, which btw has some green specks, to line the lower lashes.
Here's a closer look.
False lashes.
Blush and a nude gloss complete the look. What do you think?

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