12 April 2010

I'm back!

Hello! So I'm finally back... I'm sorry but this two weeks after vacation have been hectic. First of all let me share with you that I had a great time with my friends at the beach, I didn't took the amount of pictures that I would've wanted and I couldn't work that much on my tan :( but anyways. I came back with a tremendous pain because of my wisdom teeth so this week I had to have x-rays taken so I can schedule the surgery. I'm starting finals this upcoming week so I'm excited about it. On another subject, finally Liberty of London for MAC arrived to Mexico and I got two lipsticks one for me (Blooming Lovely) and one for my sister (Petals and Peacocks) yeeeeeei! So I would be probably doing some tutorials with them. I promise I will posting often from now on specially now the tetramester is going to an end.

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